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TallyAcademy provides industry recognised course content, online examination and certification, quality accounting jobs listing and placement assistance.

Tally Academy provides Tally and Accounting trainers/coaches and institutes an opportunity to become a TallyAcademy Network Partner. Help your students to get industry recongnition by providing them the right kind of accounting and Tally education.

The new educational framework is designed with a prime focus of creating “a low investment and high revenue generation opportunity” for the academies.

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Get Certified in Tally & Accounting

Give yourself a competitive edge – with certifications from TallyAcademy. TallyAcademy certifications demonstrate that you have honed your skills through rigorous study and direct experience in your area of expertise. Find a certificate program by area of focus and skill level to wish to unlock greater value in; whether you are an Accounting Professional, Fresh graduate seeking job or a still a student or just a Tally user.

By earning TallyAcademy Certification, you will:
  • Prove your skills on the latest version of Tally.
  • Have a firm measure and increased confidence in these skills.
  • Achieve a greater degree of success in your pursuit of higher education or a career.
  • Gain recognition among peers and employers and a distinct edge in the competitive job market.

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